When we formed Kolkata Knight Riders, little did we know that the team would rally together a collective of people that understood us, our spirit & our roots.

Through the years it has become increasingly clear that being a Knight Rider, isn’t just about being a KKR fan. It has since transcended the boundaries of Kolkata to embrace the world, in turn inspiring its own range of emotions, forming its own connections and more importantly, crafting a way of life centered around one key philosophy - Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo or Play, Fight, Win.

We believe that talent will never go unnoticed, and when talent is combined with our Play, Fight, Win philosophy, it paves the way to becoming a Knight Rider.  

Building on our strong cricketing roots, we now move forward to celebrate a way of life that is befitting of true Knights, who stand for passion, glory, and victory in every single thing that they do, and if these knightly qualities resonate with you, come celebrate with us, for you too can Be A Knight Rider!


Be A Knight Rider | Knight Riders

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